Twydil 4Legs clay

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Twydil 4Legs clay is particularly recommended for:

  • Articular swelling
  • Skin erosion or irritation
  • Redness of the pastern fold
  • Supporting clay for everyday use



Glycerine, Kaolin, Zinc, Calendula, Arnica, Thymol, Eucalyptus


  • After work, the horses’ legs should be washed and dried
  • Spread a thin layer of the clay over each leg without rubbing and leave to dry
  • If possible, leave until next day then brush the residue of clay from each leg before work



  • If possible, it is recommended to use Twydil 4Legs clay for 10 days

  • After heavy work, apply Twydil 4Legs clay and leave for only two hours, wash, dry and then renew the application of a thin layer of clay before leaving overnight

  • In the case of strenuous exercise, use Twydil 4Legs in combination with AUDEVARD Myostem Protec (to support the muscles) 




Twydil 4Legs Clay is officially certified by the LCH laboratory (on final product, blood and urine), can be used without risk up to the day of the competition



  • Pail of 2,5 kg
  • Pail of 7 kg


The care of a sport horse is an important and necessary part of the concerns about the performance of horses. For the best advice, it is recommended to contact the vet. You can determine the most appropriate care for your horse with him.

Twydil 4Legs, the best clay for your sport horse(s) during the competition season or during heavy workouts!

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