About us

sportpaardenarts.nl is a veterinarian practice focused on the health, well-being and performance of sport horses. Our clinic provides services associated with these goals, especially including performance evaluation (exercise testing), specific blood tests, lameness examinations, medical imaging (radiography, ultrasonography), pre-purchase examinations and nutritional advices. For more information about our work, please visit www.sportpaardenarts.nl

We are convinced that performances of sport horses are the result of several factors. Among these plays the care of and around the horse an important role. In addition to our activities as equine veterinarians, we have found that access to quality nutritional supplements for horses was very limited. This was the reason for us to build this webshop: a simple and not expensive option for horse owners to use the best products for their (sport) horses.
In addition to the instructions for use of the producers, we have also given our tips (on the product pages). We remind you that nutritional supplements and feed should be used on veterinary advice. You can approach our equine veterinarian for this advisory.

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