Equine Haler

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The Equine Haler is an inhalation device, which has been developed specifically for accurate administration of pharmaceuticals to horses with inflammatory respiratory diseases including recurrent airway obstruction (RAO). The Equine Haler is a convenient method of administering all available types of metered dose inhalers (MDI) to horses. The MDI delivers the medicine at a suitable particle size (< 5 microns) for direct distribution to the small airways. Equine Haler has been tested at the Centre for Equine Studies, Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK. One treatment takes 1–2 minutes.



The Equine Haler™ was designed to make the use of MDI aerosol therapy more effective on horses. Developed specifically for ease of use even with nervous animals, it fits foals, ponies and horses. In short:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting



  • Nose mask to be pressed against one nostril of the horse. Funnel-shaped piece, made of soft silicon rubber for fastening onto the inhaler-flask with built-in valve flaps, which open when the horse exhales through the mask
  • Valve flap. Plate-shaped, made of thin rubber for slotting onto the inhaler-flask
  • Inhaler-flask for the atomised medicine from a medicine-aerosol, two parts, hard transparent plastic
  • Aerosol-retainer for the medicine-aerosol, clover-shaped, made of soft rubber for slotting onto the inhaler-flask with built-in valve flaps, which open when the horse inhales through the mask
  • Supplied in a handy protective pouch


The treatment of disorders of a sport horse' airways is an important and necessary part of the concerns about the performance of horses. For the best advice, it is recommended to contact the vet. You can determine the most appropriate treatment for your horse with him.

Equine Haler, a useful tool for the treatment of the airways of your sport horse(s) !

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