Developed, manufactured and marketed by the group Vétoquinol, they stand as an international veterinary pharmaceutical company that guarantees the expertise and the skill with which the EQUISTRO® products have been developed.

With EQUISTRO® we offer a customized solution to help your horse to deliver the best performance.

The "VETOQUINOL - Good Practice" guarantee means:

  • Production standards at high level:
    • Industry standards for the production of food supplements and dietary products
    • Production takes place in the European Union, with an identification by an accreditation number (FR or DE), is a proof of regular audits by the local supervisory authorities
    • Labels comply with the European directives, indicating the exact composition of the product in the bucket, jar or bottle
  • Raw materials selected for their high quality
  • Advantages of BIO-EFFICIENCY:
    • Formulation of products that meet the nutritional needs of the horse
    • The choice of highly assimilable form
    • Doses adapted to the horse (in accordance with the recommendation of experts)
  • Safety relative to the anti-doping test:
    • The products are produced in a separate factory without cany ontact with medication
    • Total traceability from raw material to finished product
    • The presence of natural substances (which itself can cause a positive doping test) will be tested on all batches containing plants or plant extracts (tests conducted by CHL)